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My name is Erin, and I am the face behind Bloomate. I was born in Regina, Saskatchewan (the city that rhymes with fun-thank you to Mick Jagger for that quote). I spent most of my time growing up in Calgary, Alberta which I consider my home.  During grade school, I had pretty average grades, but I excelled at math.

Though my grades were always decent, teachers were forever calling my mom regarding my superior social skills. While I did like to learn, I was VERY busy chatting with all of my classmates during lessons. Teachers found out the hard way it didn’t matter whom they sat me beside, I was going to be his/her friend by the end of the lesson and would have to be moved again. Consequently, I spent a lot of time at back tables by myself. Given a choice, I was inherently drawn to the arts. All of my option classes were filled with anything creative; art, music, photography etc.  

When I graduated high school, I longed for adventure. I packed up my things and moved back to Regina-the only place I could afford to go to. Quickly proving that was not quite the ‘adventure’ I had in mind, I packed up my things again and was off to Vancouver, BC. I had never been before and knew nobody. I started college within a few days of arriving. While attending school full-time, I supported myself by working at a ski hill where I met many life-long friends. I graduated from the Art Institution of Vancouver and became the Creative Director for a tech company called 4Rev. This was the perfect job for me as It enabled me to work online from all over the world. I was finally able to properly attend to my relentless itch for adventure.

I spent the next few months of my life bouncing around from country to country with nothing but my green backpack, my computer, and my head full of wanderlust. I soon found myself in Australia where I lived for a few months and worked at a family friend’s hair salon.  I eventually made my way back to Calgary and found my partner, Connor. I should clarify that, by ‘found,’ I really mean I came home to my best friend whom I’d known since I was four.

Settled back at home, I taught at a dance studio and picked up design work when I could. Eventually Connor and I decided our life wasn’t chaotic enough, and we came up with the bright idea to foster a dog. We got Nax (not a typo) on a rainy morning, and by the time the sun came out that afternoon, I knew he was about to be a ‘foster fail.’
Nax had been surrendered to the pound as he was so docile, he was picked on by the other dogs in his home. He came to us a chunky guy who had lots of tummy issues and ear infections.

I knew I had to help him, and, for some reason, I just couldn’t see anyone else doing it. Shortly after officially adopting Nax, our new little family moved to Vancouver where we began our current adventure! Nax lost lots of weight, his tummy feels better, and his cleared ears perk up with excitement. The three of us live on the North Shore where I’m enjoying showing Connor and Nax the lay of the new land.

Blooming Love From Planted Seeds
Happy Customers
A blooming start that our customers can't stop raving about
Keri Schwebius - SK, Canada

"I really enjoyed working with Erin to create a website for my new business. She was curious and enthusiastic about my business and showed genuine excitement about being part of it. Erin was very helpful and clear in her communication with me and interpreted my vision of the website very well. She clearly laid out what functionality I could include and what it would cost me, giving me all the information I needed to make decisions. Finally, Erin created a website for my business that I am proud to share with the world."

Ethna Henning - AB, Canada

"I’ve worked several times with Erin and Bloomate. She has always been accommodating of my varying deadlines and my desperate need for a last-minute miracle. It always amazes me how I can send her a project I’ve worked on, and she is able to take my amateur attempts and transform them into something stunning.​

Erin has an innate ability to see how to organize and balance a composition. When she’s finished, it’s not just easily readable but arranged in such a visually appealing configuration as well. Her sense of balance and contrast make her work so attractive and professional. ​I’m impressed with Erin’s work ethic.

She promptly delivers quotes for work to meet my diverse needs, and her pricing is in line with the industry standards. Erin has been consistently reliable having the work done when she says she’ll have it done. I would highly recommend using Bloomate to bring your business to the next level."

Jamie Windell - Vancouver, Canada

"Bloomate helped me create and craft one of my clients brand identities as well as creating a bunch of social media post designs for my personal brand.

I throughly enjoyed working with Bloomate. I felt cared for and that my ideas and thoughts were well received and she took the time to really listen and understand what I wanted.

Her turnaround time was amazing and I received all the files and respective sizes necessary to roll out my clients brand identity successfully. Definitely will be using her services again in future!"